Sunday, January 20, 2013

Getting Permanent Marker Off Your Wall

Ever since I learned about using Mayonnaise to get crayon off the wall I have been obsessed with it.  I am embarrassed to say that I have spent way to much time thinking about it and wondering if the Mayonnaise would get other things off the walls or if it was just for crayons.

I finally got enough courage to draw on my wall with pen and permanent marker so I could test it out.

I choose a very discrete place in my pantry that wouldn't show if the Mayonnaise failed to remove the ink, and made two pretty little scribbles.

I rubbed Mayonnaise all over the two marks and let it sit for several minutes.  I then came back to scrub the the spots and......

Oh poop!  Didn't even smudge it.

Welp, looks like I have some researching to do.  Several websites I found said that regular hand sanitizer will get any ink off the wall.  I grabbed what was in my diaper bag, squirted a bit on a rag and scrubbed at the ink.
The Verdict: Hooray! Both the pen and the permanent marker came right off with very little effort.  A little bit of the paint came off with it but not much. 

I now have a way to clean crayons, pen ink and permanent marker from my walls.  Lets hope my little gal doesn't find the acrylic paint.


  1. I tried mayo on the dry erase marker on my pantry door... no go idaho. i guess i'll try hand sanitizer :)

  2. Oh I wish I would have known these cool tricks when my kids were little!!

  3. Toothpaste (with fluoride) works very well to remove stains from many things - permanent marker, pen, nail polish; walls, sheets.

    1. That's one I have never heard of. I'm sure I will have a chance to try it in the near future.

  4. Try a Mr. Clean eraser pad. It works on everything and every surface.