Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cleaning With Just Water

When I started this blog I gave myself one rule "This blog is only going to be my experience with DIY's" which meant I wasn't going to promote anything and I wasn't going to talk about anything controversial such as politics, religion etc.

Today I'm going to have to break my own rule because I'm just so excited about my recent discovery of the greatest way to clean my house. 

Have you ever come across something that impacts your life in such a positive way that you can't wait to tell everyone about it?

That is how I feel with Norwex.  Their microfiber cloths are AMAZING.  Not only do they require less scrubbing, but because the microfiber has silver woven into them, they inhibit bacteria from growing.  Basically the cloths purify themselves.  How cool is that?!?!

Want proof?  Check this out

I'm so in love with these that I decided to be a consultant and sell them.  But here is my favorite part. I am only going to do facebook parties.  I get to share my excitement and introduce people to chemical free cleaning without going to someones home where people feel pressure to buy.

So if anyone is interested in hosting an online party then feel free to contact me.  You can leave a comment here or email me at

Here are 5 reasons you should host a facebook party:
1)Earn free products. On average, a host/hostess gets $250 worth of free products.
2) No in-home party means no after party clean up.
3)Your guest list isn't limited by geographic location.
4)All the host/hostess has to do to prepare is invite friends (after I create the event), then send out some private messages.
5)Parties are only 30 min.

With one of the Norwex enviro cloths you can clean your entire house.  Bathrooms, walls, stainless steel, windows, cupboards, etc.


  1. I love Norwex - good move! I was really hoping to find a guinea pig Norwex bedding solution when I was googling! Any ideas?

    1. I LOVE the Norwex mattress cleaner. It gets rid of organic materials in all materials that you can't put in a washing machine like beds, curtains, couches etc. But I actually use it more for when my little girl or my dog have an accident on the carpet.,809.aspx

      I know it can be a bit pricey though so an alternative is to mix a couple drops of lavender oil into baking soda. Sprinkle that on your mattress and let it set for about 30 min. Then vacuum it up. The baking soda helps absorb smells and moisture and the lavender oil can help deodorize (so I've been told )

  2. I love Norwex - good move! I was really hoping to find a guinea pig Norwex bedding solution when I was googling! Any ideas?

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