Sunday, September 16, 2012

Glass Cleaner

 Let me introduce you to Bud.  Our beagle boxer mix.

He's a dog, so naturally he spends an abnormal amount of time looking out his favorite window.  When he does this, he leaves behind a strange slobber goo that gets baked onto the window by the sun.

I have tried SO many cleaners to try and get this goo off.  The only way I could get it off was to spray Lime Away and let it sit for several minutes, then scrub until my fingers bled. 

Then I found this homemade glass cleaner


This is the greatest glass cleaner of all time.

Just put everything into a spray bottle, shake it up and viola.  (you need to shake before every use because the cornstarch will settle)

The Verdict:   Let me show you why this is the best glass cleaner out there.

 Here we have Bud looking longingly at the other dogs going for a walk and wondering when his lazy owner will pry herself away from the computer long enough to take him outside. 

 Here we have the Bud slobber goo left on the window. 

But after a little bit of scrubbing.......aaaawwwwwww, look how clear that is. I didn't get around the edges so you can see the difference between the clean and unclean...... ok fine, I was late taking my son to school and I wanted to get a quick picture so I cleaned as fast as I could, took a picture and didn't see the sloppy edges until I uploaded the photo.

But seriously, I put in half as much effort and it cleans great.  I will warn you though, when you first start to wipe the window it looks like it's going to smear but just keep wiping until all the cleaner is off.

I'm not exaggerating, this glass cleaner truly is amazing.  The first time I used it the sun was blinding and I had to run away like a vampire..... a real vampire, not the fruity sparkly kind.

Windex Powerized Formula Glass Cleaner w/Ammonia-D, 1 qt. Capped (Google Affiliate Ad)


  1. I will definitely be trying this recipe! I also think it's great that there's an ad for windex at the bottom of this post:)

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