Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Makeup Remover

 The other day someone asked me what my favorite DIY is. As I was telling her about the makeup remover I use, it occurred to me that I had not posted about this stuff.  You would think, that when starting a blog about DIY's I would start with the one that I am the most passionate about, but no, unfortunately I tend to have moments where I am a few cards shy of a full deck. And by moments, I mean all the time.

So lets hurry and get the basics over with so I can tell you why this is my favorite DIY product. 

Makeup Remover
1 C water
1 1/2 TBSP tear free baby shampoo (I use Bert's Bees)
1/8 tsp olive or coconut oil

Mix them all together in a container
Shake before each use

I fill up a 3 oz bottle that lets me squirt the mixture onto a cotton square (I have no idea what the real name is for those things)

I store the rest in a mason jar under my sink.

 The Verdict: FANTASTIC

Ok, now that the basics are out of the way, "let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up."

There are 2 main reasons why I love this stuff;

1) It's cheap.
For a long time I was using Bert's Bees face wash (the disposable cloths.)  I spent $5.97 a month for them.  That really isn't bad, I can handle $5.97 a month.  But lets compare....

To make the DIY makeup, the recipe I posted above, it cost me...

wait for it...


You read that right 58 Cents...


That mason jar will last me about 3 1/2 months.

Lets compare those prices another way;
In 1 year I was spending about $72.62 on Bert's Bees
Now I spend about $1.99 a year for the DIY stuff

Do you know how many pints of Ben and Jerry's I could get with that extra $70?

Onto my next point....

2)  IT WORKS!!!!

My makeup comes right off.

 Now, I wish I could say that all the brown in this next photo is base, but it's not. That is all the dirt that came off my face (yummy).  Now before you judge me, just know that I had spent several hours doing yard work that day.

So lets really compare.  One day, after another several hours doing yard work, I used one of my old Bert's Bees face cleaner.  You can see where my finger was really scrubbing to get the dirt off. 

Then I went back over my face with my DIY stuff.  Can you see the brown in the middle? Yeah, this stuff was picking up dirt that my old stuff left behind.  It's like the Dyson of the face cleaning world.

I still do get an occasional zit, so it's not a cure all, but my skin is a lot softer and I now get complements on my complexion. 

So in case you didn't catch my enthusiasm about this...
DIY makeup remover = awesome!


  1. Do you use this as your only face cleaner? Or use it first, then use a facewash? I don't wear makeup most of the time, so I've never bothered to buy makeup remover. I have used astringent before, how would it compare to that? I guess what I'm saying is that I need more face cleaning advice! Sincerely, Zitty McUglyface.

    1. This is the only thing I use, for make up removal and a face wash. You are barking up the wrong tree with face cleaning advice. I have no idea what the difference is between toner and astringent and all the other 500 products that women use. All I know is that this stuff has soap in it, so it's good enough for me :)