Sunday, October 21, 2012

Miracle Workout

I know that some of you are going to argue, and say that exercise is not a DIY product.  Well I have two arguments for you; being healthy and losing weight is very much a Do It Yourself, but more importantly, it's my blog and I get to post whatever I want.

Ok, the real reason I am posting this is because of how pumped (pun intended) I am about this routine I found.

I am currently in a healthy competition (I’m gonna win) with some family members.  It's a basic competition (I'm gonna win) where you get points for doing certain healthy things each day, and lose points (not me) by eating un-healthy food.  At the end of three months, whoever has the most points (me) will win some cash.

When I started this competition, (I will win) I wanted a new exercise routine that would be quick but effective. 

I found Shaun T's Miracle 15 min Workout and decided to give it a go

Now before my family starts accusing me of cheating for not doing a 20 min workout, as is required by the rules, I followed up each workout with 5 minutes of abs. (So I can win)

As I got ready for my first workout I was pretty excited (excited to win) to try something new, and I looked like this.

But then this was me after my workout.  It was SO hard

(I might have exaggerated a little bit in these photos)

I have never done Insanity, but I hear that this routine is pretty similar.

I did it 5 days a week for two weeks (winner right here) then after those two weeks I got bored with the repetition of it.  The next 2 weeks I did it 3 days a week but did similar high intensity routines the other days so I could still get the same benefits. 

The Verdict: I lost 9 pounds in a month.  6 of those pounds were in the first 2 weeks. My diet pretty much stayed the same so I know it was the routine and not the food that got me in better shape.  I love that it is only 15 min and I feel like I’ve worked out for 60 min. The moves are very easy and require no coordination, which is great for me.  It is a lot of jumping, so if you have bad knees or ankles it may not be the best for you. 
What I like the most about it is that it requires no equipment and a little room.  All you need is about 4 feet of space and a serious amount of will power (so I can win)

So here I am, 1 month into a fun (serious) competition, where it doesn't matter who wins (me) or loses (everyone else). What matters is that we all have fun (and I win) and develop healthy habits (and win money) that will give us healthy lifestyles.


  1. I totally have to try this workout! I'd like to lose 9 lbs next month :) Way to go!

  2. Ok, I watched the video and then re-read your post and laughed! I think I'm going to give this a try. And btw, I love that you're doing a blog like this! I will definitely be following you!

    1. Thank you. I have been having fun doing this blog. Good luck with the routine if you do it. A lot of people curse my name after they try it.