Sunday, November 4, 2012

Less Slippy More Grippy

This blog post is going to be three in one.  Don't you feel so special right now?  It's a blog post jack pot!

All three have to do with creating a grip so things don't slip. And to make this reading experience even more enjoyable, you can hum Slip Sliding Away by Paul Simon to yourself.

Lets start with hangers.  For some reason I have a plethora of wide necked shirts right now.  Because of those wide necks, I frequently find shirts on my floor and have to re-hang them..... ok lets be honest, I kick them into the corner and forget they are there until the pile is creeping out of the closet.

On Pinterest there is a picture of a hanger with a hot glue gun zig zag pattern on it.  I wish I could credit the source, but clicking on the picture just took me to a blocked site. Good thing the picture was pretty self explanatory and I didn't need the website for details.

So I got a hot glue gun and I put zig zags on one hanger and straight lines on the other, just to see if the pattern made a difference.

The Verdict: The lines just pealed right off and did nothing but the zig zag worked great. My shirts don't fall off anymore.  The only down fall is I can no longer grab a shirt and pull until it pops of the hanger and the hanger shoots into the air and does an awesome spin around the pole.

Grip number 2: The floor mat

The mat we have that leads into the garage drives me nuts.  That thing is NEVER in the right place. Just breathing next to it makes it take to flight.

So I decided to try the caulk method. I got a cheap tube of caulk and ran lines down the back of my mat, about 3 inches apart.  I let it dry over night then put it back onto the floor.

The Verdict:  It helped a little.  It now takes a sneeze instead of a slight breath to move the mat.  The caulk doesn't really grip. I think the only reason the mat stays a little more put is because it's heavier.  Plus if you stand on the mat with bare feet you can feel the lines of caulk and it's pretty annoying. 

And finally, socks.
My son needed new socks and I could not find any with grips on the bottom.  Either I am blind and just couldn't see them in the 200 stores I went to, or they don't make socks with grips for his size.  I prefer the second option, it helps my pride.

I saw this website about putting puff pant on the bottom of socks and I LOVED it. I thought the designs this women had were SO cute.  So I bought some socks and puff paint then I remembered that I have no artistic skills and if I even attempted to make something cute it would turn into a big sad blob. 

So I was very boring and just put my sons initials on the bottom of his sock with simple blue puff paint.

The Verdict: It seems to work very well.  He doesn't wear socks often, but when he does I haven't seen him slip, and he tends to run pretty fast in the kitchen.

So there you have it, a three in one special.  Merry Sunday

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