Sunday, December 2, 2012

"Can you bring me my chapstick.... but my lips hurt real bad."

I am a chapstick addict.  I'm not kidding, I hate the feel of chapped dry lips so I am always globing chapstick on.  I have a tube in every room of the house, in all my purses and in the car.  It's pretty pathetic.

I use to get really annoyed at the movie Iron Will because of how chapped his lips got.  He can bring a whistle and all sorts of food but he couldn't find room for a small tube of chapstick?

So now that winter is upon us my chapstick consumption has doubled, but sometimes it still doesn't do the trick.  Sometimes I get gross chapped lips with all sorts of dead skin hanging off that is impossible not to pick at. For a long time I used Satin Lips from Mary Kay and it did a fantastic job of exfoliating my lips, but you know me, I wanted to find a homemade version.

This is a DIY that I have been doing for so long that I don't remember where I first heard about it.

Lip Exfoliant:
Mix the two together until you get the consistency you want.

There is no right or wrong with the amount you use, it just all depends on what you like.  I like to get a lot of sugar so I can really buff my lips and get all the dead skin off. Plus, the more sugar you have, the less sticky it is.

I tend to be really lazy and just do it all in a spoon.  I get a spoon full of sugar (I bet you just thought of Mary Poppins) squirt some honey on it and mix it with my finger.

 Using your fingers, rub the mixture all over your lips until you feel that you have buffed off all the dead skin.  It usually only takes about 10 seconds. 
If there is any of the mixture left over after your failed attempt at not licking it off, use a warm wet wash cloth to get the rest off. Apply your favorite chapstick. 

The verdict: A lip exfoliant that cost almost nothing?  That is my kind of DIY. 

Before: Hello dead skin
After: goodbye dead skin. 


  1. YES! How did you know that i've been struggling with this very thing?!? you're amazing.

  2. Hello. I wanted to thank you for being the guinea pig and blogging about your experiences. I will surely save me a lot of time. I was about to make the dishwasher detergent when I found you on Pinterest and I'm glad I didn't waste my time. Love the Satin Lips thingy too!

    A fellow Pinterester!
    Susan From Sunny Florida

    1. Susan. Thank you for your kind words. I have a good time testing out things, even when they go wrong. I have been reading some comments on other blogs about how the effectiveness of homemade dishwasher detergent really depends on your dishwasher. So you might want to still give it a try, just maybe not with a full load :).