Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Remember my Mater look alike muffin tin?

Before I tossed it out, I spent some time trying a few rust removal home remedies.

I searched the Internet and found four different methods I wanted to try.

 Coke's Verdict:  I had always heard that coke could take rust off a nail.  This was the perfect chance to play my own version of Mythbusters. I poured some coke into one of the muffin tins then let it sit over night.
Unfortunately (or fortunately if your a Coke drinker) I think this myth is busted.  It took a little bit of the rust off but not a whole lot. It might have taken off more rust if I had left it longer, but I really don't want a rusty Coke filled muffin tin in my kitchen.

Hydrogen peroxide mixed with cream of tartar Verdict: I mixed the two together until I had a thick paste.  Then using a toothbrush I scrubbed the mixture onto the rust.  Bubkiss!  All it did was lighten the color of the rust.

Lemon juice mixed with borax Verdict: I mixed the two together until I had a thick paste then I scrubbed the mixture into the rust using a toothbrush. (In case you missed it, that was the exact same method I did with the cream of tartar) It did slightly better then the previous method, but still not much. 

Lemon Juice's Verdict: I poured some lemon juice in one of the tins then left it over night.  It didnt' get everything, but it made a significant difference.
This of course got me curious as to how lemon juice would work on other things.  So I dug around in my kitchen some more and found a knife and can opener that were looking a bit sad.  I let them sit in a cup of lemon juice for about an hour and was pleasantly surprised  at the results.

If all else fails then just do what I did, put your item out of it's misery by tossing it and just go buy a new one.



  1. Hey, we have some rusty steak knives that are totally getting this treatment tonight!


    use vinegar to lose rust, use aluminium foil for scrubbing (toothbrush is too soft).