Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Body Scrub

The very first DIY I did was a body scrub.  I loved it so much that 5 years later I am still making my own body scrub and I frequently give it away as a gift.

While there are many pros to homemade body scrub, the main reason I love it is because I can customize it a thousand different ways. 

Homemade Body Scrub
You will need:
Some sort of abrasive substance such as salt, sugar or Epsom salt
Some sort of oil such as olive, canola, almond etc. 

Mix two parts of your abrasive substance to 1 part oil.  If you use an oil that is hard, like coconut, melt it before adding the abrasive substance.  Don't get it to hot or your salt or sugar will dissolve.

You don't have to be exact with the measurements, but you want to have a consistency similar to this.

 The oil will settle to the top, but you can give it a quick mix with your finger before you use it. 

Now comes the fun part. You can add food coloring, essential oils, dried flowers etc.  Throw in anything you want to make it look cute and smell good.  The soap making section in craft stores usually have great scents and dried plants that work great with body scrubs.

The Verdict: I have made countless batches of this stuff and I have found that sugar and coconut oil are the best combination.  Epsom salt can be a bit rough and table salt is very unforgiving if you have any sort of open wounds.  Coconut oil isn't as greasy as other oils and it absorbs into skin pretty quickly. 
 The bad thing about coconut oil is that it will re harden.  I keep my scrub in a sealed container in my shower and by the time I'm ready to use it, it's usually soft enough that I can grab a handful. 

This is a citrus blend I made and gave away to several people.  I got a lot of complements on this one, unfortunately I can't remember how I made it.  I just sort of threw stuff together without paying attention. I need to be more organized. 

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  1. Made again today!!! love this recipe, Went with lavender and lemon, then half of it with wild orange and lemon.- I really like Lemon:)