Sunday, June 2, 2013

Simply Smoking Weed Killer

Last October I attempted a homemade weed killer that failed miserably.  I was so annoyed at those mutant weeds that I spent all winter planning their demise. Well little plants, it's spring, and you have sprung, and now it's time for you to run. 

When I started to look for another weed killer I knew I needed something different, something that didn't have vinegar or salt in it because clearly that didn't work last time. 

Simply Smoking Week Killer
You Will Need:
Boiling water

Pour boiling water on the weeds! Within a few hours, the plants will be dead, their leaves and roots shriveled up, brown and cooked. The hot water kills them from the inside out.

 If your like me your probably a bit skeptical.  Just boiling water?  That's it?  Worth a shot.

So I boiled a huge pot of water then carried it outside.  I poured enough water on each weed to fully saturate it, and the ground around it.  Several hours later I went back outside to see if those suckers were still holding on.

The Verdict: SUCCESS!!!! Take THAT you vile fiends.  (I really don't like weeds if you couldn't tell.)  Those plants shriveled up and died, roots and all. 

Unfortunately this method kills pretty much all living plants, so you have to be careful where you pour it.  And if your smarter then me, which I'm pretty sure you are, then you will get close to the ground before pouring the water as to avoid splashing on your unprotected toes.  


  1. One time I was in charge of a canning peaches project at the church. After we were done,I thought "hey two big pots of water, I shall water the grass right here." So I dumped the water in an arch on the grass. THEN the thought occurred, "hey that water is really hot." The second pot was in the parking lot. for over a YEAR there was the arch of dead grass on the church lawn. So yes be careful where you pour your water it will KILL everything!

    1. I probably shouldn't laugh at this, but that is such a great mental image of you happily throwing the water then having the dead grass mock you for a year. Ha ha.

  2. This is pretty genius! I can see where there would be issues killing weeds on your lawn, but it'd be great for weeds growing through cracks in patio stones or something like that...

    1. It works great for big areas of weeds. I can just pour the water and it soaks into the ground killing everything in it's path