Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dye Those Eggs

I don't know about you, but my stomach is about to explode.  Between the kids "sharing" their Easter candy with me, and going to a fondue get together last night, I think I have eaten my weight in chocolate in the last 18 hours.

So before I slip into a chocolate coma, lets quickly walk through a homemade Easter egg dye.

DIY Easter Egg Dye
You Will Need:
Food Coloring

Take a bowl or coffee cup and mix water, vinegar & food color (80% water, 20% vinegar and 2 to 4 drops food color) You don’t have to be exact with this recipe as I generally just sort of “eye” it.

 I've heard about this method many times over the years but never bothered to try it because I can get egg dye and fun stickers in a pack for only a few dollars. But this year my daughter was old enough to dye eggs so I decided to let the kids each have their own set of dye and hope this minimized any fighting.  My son had a store bought pack and my daughter got the DIY stuff. 

The Verdict: The darker colors worked pretty good but the eggs had to sit in the dye for a couple minutes for the dye to do anything.  The lighter colors didn't do very well at all.

This is an egg that sat in the yellow dye for about 3 minutes. 

The egg on the left was put in the blue store bought dye.  The egg on the right was put in the DIY blue dye.  They were both left in their containers for the same amount of time.  

I think part of the reason for the lighter color on the eggs was because I had a lot of liquid.  I probably should have put in more then the 4 drops of food coloring for the amount of liquid I had.


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