Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dish Sponge Curlers

Apparently my hair is freakishly thick.  One time I went to a new hair salon and the girl was so blown away by how much hair I had that she invited all the other stylists to come feel my hair.  "Yeah sure come on over and stroke my hair, that isn't awkward at all"

Because of this I don't curl my hair, it takes to long.  The last time I curled my hair was my senior prom and it took me 3 hours.

I tell you this so you can take my verdict with a grain  pinch handful of salt.  I have no idea how to curl hair.  All those tutorials on Pinterest I see about getting tousled wavy hair are comparative to learning how to speak Mandarin Chinese, in my opinion. 

Buuuuuut I was getting tired of the DIY projects I was doing.  I wanted something different, even if it wasn't practical for me.

Heat Free Rollers With Dish Sponges
You Will Need:
Dish sponges
hot glue gun

There is no way I will be able to type up directions and have them make sense.  So if you decide to do this then I suggest clicking on the link and it will take you to a video tutorial. 

It took a bit of time to put them all together and I may or may not have glued myself to one of them.  But it was pretty easy and they seem pretty sturdy.  I didn't have enough elastic so some of them I ended up using yarn.
 I got my hair pretty damp then took the tampons curlers and rolled them into my hair. 

Once I got all the curlers in I decided to have a little photo shoot since I was looking so good.

In the middle of my photo shoot my 2 year old walked in, gave me a puzzled look then said "mommy, your hair has owies."

 Not only is my hair really thick, but it likes water and takes a really long time to dry. I was hoping the sponges would soak up some of the water to speed up the process, and I even used my blow dryer, but 2 hours later my hair was still mostly wet.  I ran out of patients and took the curlers out to see how it looked.

The Verdict: I was sooo glamorous and ready for a night out on the town.
 I wore a hat that day, then that night I decided to try a few on the top of my head and sleep with them in and hope my hair would actually be dry by morning.

As I was putting the curlers in my husband walked in, raised one eyebrow, took a photo of me and walked away with out saying anything. Apparently my family doesn't approve of me using curlers.

The Verdict: It was sloppy looking but I ended up with some pretty good curls. The curlers weren't that bad to sleep on either.  My hair got a good tug a few times during the night but they were still pretty comfortable to sleep on.

 A few of them became permanently kinked, but I think It would still work just fine. 

 The ones with the yarn were a lot more frustrating to use then the ones with elastic.  They didn't hold as well and it was hard to get the button into the loop.  Speaking of the loops, make sure you make them big enough so your button will go in easily.  

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  1. I probably won't try this anytime soon but the pictures of you made my day!!!

    PS You do have freakishly thick hair!! You got your share and mine.