Friday, September 20, 2013

White Board Cleaner

I tend to forget things which is why I use both my phone and a white board to keep notes and reminders. 

After several years of use my white board had turned into a stained gray board.  I looked around online and found some ways to clean it, so I divided my white board into sections and tried them all.

I used:
Hand sanitizer
Rubbing alcohol
Nail polish remover
Witch hazel

For each one, I put the product on a cotton ball then rubbed the white board.

I'll spare you the details of how each one worked (since odds are you won't read it anyways and I currently have a little girl begging me to play Guess Who right now) and skip right to the verdict.

The Verdict: They all worked, but the rubbing alcohol was the best one.  I didn't have to scrub at all, it took everything off and didn't harm the white board at all. 

 I also have a calendar white board that is of the cheaper version.  It's almost like a cheap white board type paper was wrapped around a thick piece of cardboard.  I tried all the products on this cheap white board and got the same result.  The rubbing alcohol took everything off with little effort and with no visible damage to the white board. 

 And thanks to my lovely daughter, I now know that rubbing alcohol will take permanent marker off a white board. 

Seriously, why in the world did I leave a permanent marker out when I know she's prone to draw on everything?


  1. Going over a sharpie with a dry erase marker will also remove it from some white boards. Write over, let dry, wipe off. Ymmv

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